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Oh, you screwed up? Good

In my now 14 years in business, I have learned so many lessons. I have learned what I am good at. What I struggle with. What I love and what I would rather not do. I have learned how to subdivide undeveloped land, file payroll taxes, dispute with the IRS, file UCC liens, and how to write sound contracts. In all of this experience, I have to say this…I have learned it ALL from stepping out into that which was unknown to me. If I only did what I knew how to do, I never would have learned anything new. My skillset would have remained completely stagnant.

I have made a ton of mistakes and this is why I am so good at the things that I am good at. I am not afraid to fail, which is why I continue to grow in my profession.

Being a business owner means taking steps when you don’t clearly see the road ahead. You WILL make mistakes, and that’s ok. Hell, even Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first TV anchor job in Baltimore.

My grandmother always put things into perspective. When something seems hugely devastating she would always say, ”In a few years from now, this won’t even matter.” Ah, a grandma’s words of wisdom.

My advice, in business, don’t be afraid to venture out. To figure things out as you go. To step far outside of your comfort zone. Do your homework. Make sound, thoughtful decisions. When you make a mistake, learn from it. Fix it, make amends, and move on.


Business Mistakes Learning Curve

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