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IRS Calling? Beware!!

Have you received a phone call from the IRS informing you that you have an outstanding tax debt or balance due?? Well, watch out. It could be a scammer trying to get your confidential information.

Here is how you know you are possibly being scammed…

The IRS will not:

1. Demand that you pay taxes without the ability for you to question the amount due, ask for documentation, or appeal the amount due. DO NOT offer ANY personal information. Instead, ask for proof to be mailed to the address they have on file.

2. Ask for immediate payment using a specific payment method. The IRS will first mail several statements showing tax total and payment methods available, usually directly to the United States Treasury. DO NOT make payment in the form of pre-paid debit cards, gift cards, or wire transfers.

3. Threaten to bring in law-enforcement or have you arrested. The IRS does not have the ability to revoke your driver’s license, immigration status, or business license.

You can read more about potential IRS Scams and IRS procedures at www.irs.gov

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