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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Financial Accounting/Bookkeeping

Bank, Credit Card, Loan Reconciliations

We reconcile your bank accounts, loans, and credit card statements monthly to account for all expenses relatable to your business.
Post expenses from all of your business and personal credit cards and keep track of your balances and interest expenses
Track loan principal and interest payments

Monthly Closing

Following the same procedures to close the books each month helps ensure accurate and consistent accounting reporting.
We follow a systematic 12-step closing process to ensure that your accounting records are precise and dependable.

Accounts Payable

You can pay your own bills and we set up a reporting system to submit documentation to us weekly or monthly.
Some companies have their bills sent directly to our address for processing
We can pick up and drop off bills/payments weekly

Accounts Receivable

We generate invoices to bill your customers and keep track of what they owe
We send monthly statements to your customers
Collect payments and make bank deposits on your behalf
We work directly with our collection agency for all outstanding balances over 120 days and account write-offs

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